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When I do a shoot with a model, I usually have several goals or projects in mind. I tend to work with guys who have never done work before, and my goal is to try and get them to see their selves in a new way. I love it when a model says, "Wow! I look good!"

During a shoot, we can cover a lot of ground. I often start off doing headshots that any mother would love. Many people are just getting started, and need headshots for their portfolio, so it is always good to cover that. It also tends to relax the model and build a rapport between us. Since most guys tend to have amazing physiques, we move on to shirtless shots. Outdoor or location shots are a part of most shoots as well.

All models need to bring 2 forms of ID for a photoshoot. One must be a valid U.S. governement photo ID. I have a very standard Model Release form that all models must sign. The Release form gives you Rights to use the images for your own projects, and also acts as a "receipt" for the modeling fee.

For the most part, I am always looking for people who will be willing to do nude work. Most of my stuff is pretty artistic, but it can walk the border between art and porn. Many guys will come to me and do an "implied nudity" or a "stock" photo shoot first, and then come back to do a nude shoot. I guess they just want to make sure I am not strange or creepy, so I am glad that they often feel comfortable enough to take on the nude work.

For guys, I do ask that they do a few aroused shots as well. Most guys want to fluff up a bit to make sure they are presenting and looking their best. I usually step out and give models some aline time. Again, they don't tend to be too porny, but a little sexual tension always helps.

Rarely will I go to the expense of flying and hoteling a model to my city if they are not willing to pose nude. It normally costs about $1,000 for travel and accommodations for a model, and the only way to make back that money is if the model is willing to pose nude.

Pay for this type of work is the best and pay usually starts at $100 an hour.

I tend to get requests from magazines for images to go along with articles or stories they write. Usually they are columns or reviews for things like books, music, or food. I am always looking for hot people for shots of them doing "lifestyle" stuff.

I need shots of models wearing headphones, reading a book on the beach, hanging out at a coffee shop, or just studio prop shots- Guy holding a wrapped birthday box or Girl eating ice cream.

These are "Stock" images meaning that I keep an inventory of these images on hand. If a magazine comes to me saying they need a photo of a hot guy listening to music on his iPod, I dig into my inventory stock and see if I have anything that will fit their needs. This means these shots could go just about anywhere.

Local models that have not worked with me before will find this an excellent way to get to know me, and feel more comfortable about possibly doing nude work.

Again, the models tend to be physically fit, and shirtless or implied nudity to help make the images more sexy is usually required. Pay is usually $35-50 an hour.


I tend to take these type of shots anyway, but it bears mentioning. I need guys with amazing bodies who can pose for covers of exercise and fitness magazines.

Every model I talk to says that is what they want to do, but the reality is the market is very competitive, and the pay is not near as good as nude work. Many guys will do some nude work also during these shoots, but I would be willing to work with super hot guys who just want to do athletic/fitness type of modeling only.

Pay is usually $35-50 an hour.

I've been shooting adult video for over a year now. If you are looking to make some good money and you aren't shy in front of the camera, then let me know! Most of the work is "solo", though I am always looking for guys who will work with other people.

This site is not designed to find video performers, but I mention it only as option for those guys that are seeking this type of work.

Just email me that you are interested, and I can give you more details.

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