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Photographer Bryan Ockert
About the Photographer
I have been photographing the human body for about six years. I picked up the camera and aimed it at my handsome and well-built friends after my personal "ego" website began to get so much traffic that it was becoming too expensive to just be a hobby.

Over the years, I added better technology and tried to improve as I went along. I have many fans who have been with me since my first official gallery, so they have really seen my work grow. I still try to keep up my journal, and if you REALLY want to know more about me, you cant find out what I have been doing for the last seven years by visiting it.

I spent the last 17 years in the Austin, Texas area, but I have since moved to San Diego, California where I also do video work for one of the net's biggest adult websites.

My work has been all over the place from major websites, magazines, books, fashion, newspapapers, and promotional events. I am constantly looking for models willing to pose nude, as well as physically fit models for "stock" images.

I grew up in Colorado where my family still lives. I am very close to them and try to visit them as much as possible. I still have a great many friends in Austin, and try to keep in touch with them. San Diego is an awesome city, but I am still making new friends and finding the Southern California climate very enjoyable.

I am an avid cyclist, and love to do a bike ride every day. I find my work schedule increasingly full so it is difficult to squeeze in a bike ride every day. I enjoy doing fundraiser bike rides and but haven't found the right ride in San Diego that won't take too much time. I love the hill country here and love the challenge of climbing the giant hills.

I turned 40 in 2005, and I am single by choice. I am not looking to meet any one special and really enjoy spending time alone. The special "person" in my life is my dog, who is named Kitty! She wandered in my backyard about three years ago. Kitty! needed a lot of surgery, but pulled through nicely. She is an "old" dog who spends a lot of time just sleeping at my feet.

I live in a quiet part of San Diego and tend to avoid the hub-bub and noise of the major city. I just finished converting my garage over in to a small studio, but am hoping to have a bigger one in central San Diego soon.

I like working on my house and yard, sci-fi/fantasy movies, books and comics, going to the gym, and hanging with my friends at a local coffee shop.

My major goals is to begin gathering my images for a coffee table book, but find it difficult to find just the right image after photographing so many people!

Bryan Ockert, July 2005

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