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look.jpg Your Look
I am looking for models who are physically fit and I guess would generally be considered "good-looking." An excellent indicator of health for most guys are their abdominal muscles. If you got some abs showing, generally speaking, your fitness level is pretty good. I am not always looking for perfect bodies, but an athletic build is an excellent start.

I need guys of all ethnic backgrounds.

Tattoos and piercings are fine, but usually they should be kept to a minimum. Full sleeve tattoos and plug stretching piercings are too hard to shoot around.

Your complexion should be fairly clear, but a few blemishes can be magically Photoshop'd out. Don't worry if you wake up with a new zit the day of the shoot!

Body hair is a plus. Most weight-lifters tend to shave their chest, arms, legs, etc. I won't turn away anyone who is shaved, but a more natural look is back in demand!

For nude work I am not looking for large endowment- just guys who are comfortable with themselves and who can get over a little shyness. Pubic hair also seems to be a big issue. Many guys are showing up with heavily trimmed or completely shaved pubic hair. I fear this might "date" the images as a fad. A good rule of thumb is, the more hair you have, the better. We can always trim and do a little grooming, but there is no way to add hair back.

Prepping for a Shoot
Before a shoot you might want to diet or decrease your water input. This can be harmful to your body, so don't overdo it. Many times guys show up to shoots very hungry and thirsty. I keep water and protein bars on hand at all times because of this. I appreciate the effort serious body builders will put in to doing the photos, but just don't go crazy!

As I mentioned before, body hair is a big issue. Please don't shave your chest or appendages specifically for the shoot. Red bumps can be cloned out of a photo, but it could take me hours to clean up one image. If you MUST shave, a liberal and repeated smothering of Vaseline over shaved zones is a great way to reduce red bumps. Overly plucked eyebrows have also been coming my way, so don't get carried away!

I have been known to wait a month for a guy's pubic hair to grow back. Images of naked groin regions tend to not sell. A few guys trim their hair back severely and tell me they have pubic hair, yet you can barely see it. Really, this just doesn't show up on film. So avoid manscaping if at all possible. We can tame your wild forest when you are here.

If you look good "scruffy" don't shave your face for a couple days before a shoot. We can take photos with you scruffy, then shave half way through a shoot, giving you a totally different look.

Do get a hair cut before a shoot. Don't change your hair dramatically from the photos you submitted though! But a nice hair cut will make you feel better about your appearance.

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT tan or do a spray tan within four days of a shoot. I can't tell you how many times model have shown up sun-burned, unevenly stained, or even peeling because they wanted some "color" for their shoot. Tan skin is damaged skin. If you have a good base tan, that is fine. Overly tan skin tends to look like leather, and for extreme weight lifters who are in to the whole tanning thing, I will ask them to cut back on the tanning for at least a couple weeks.

Do not wear underwear the day of the shoot. Wear loose fitting clothes to avoid pressed in to the skin "underwear lines".

What to Bring
Always bring 2 forms of ID. One must be a U.S. Government issued photo ID (like Driver's Licsense or Military ID). I make a copy of EVERY model I work with to make sure I have proof of age on file EVEN IF YOU AREN'T POSING NUDE!

Bring several changes of clothing that might give you different looks. Remember, you are getting some shots for your own use. Pick clothes that show off your body and that you feel you look good in- it will translate to the film. Athletic gear, t-shirts, muscle tanks, shorts, jeans, and even a suit and tie can help bring a variety of styles and looks to your shoot.

Stick to solids instead of patterns, and avoid clothes with giant company logos.

Shoes are generally never part of a shoot. Do bring shoes that you can hike in or don't mind getting wet if we have to hike to a location.

Watches, necklaces, rings and other jewelry can help with some of the photos, and we can add and remove it to make the shoot look like time has passed. Most nude work I will ask models to remove most jewelry and piercings.

Props! If you play a sport or do an extreme activity, let's go photograph ya doing it! Surfing, basketball, kick boxing, martial arts always add to a shoot! Remember to bring all your gear and equipment.

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