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Good buddy and production assistant Chris moves to Seattle. The big dumb dumb.
Happy New Year!
Well, I thought I had better get busy and do a journal entry, before CIA went MIA.

Obviously I have been putting it off.

Not sure if anyone has noticed, but there are updates to the main site just about every other day. Been really trying to get more fresh content up to help increase members, so I have been very busy.

So here is a rundown of everything that has been going on in the last couple months. Obviously I am going to miss a few things, but I guess these are the "hightlights."

Site News In Case You Were Sleeping
The other big news is I FINALLY got the theatre open exactly how I wanted it. The videos are all in Windows Media with DRM (Oh so unpopular with members, but a necessary evil with so much file sharing going on)


One drawback is Apple people are pretty much left in the dust. I feel bad, but I am pretty much stuck in a battle between Microsoft and Apple. Right now Apple's DRM technology is not affordable at all, so I am using only Microsoft, which is basically free.

I plan on getting another server up and running and that should add some features to play the movies in a more convenient way for members.

I also added some video feeds from one of the biggest adult video feed sites called AEBN. It adds 56 movies each month to the site. I am trying it for a month or two, but it already looks like we will consume way more than expected. I may not be able to pay such high bandwidth fees. But we will see.

I am trying to get 3-4 movies online each month, and between managing models, editing photos, shooting videos, and photoshoots, I am pretty dang busy.


Holiday Update
I stayed here in San Diego for both holidays. I did hit two thanksgiving dinners though.

Rick and Richard had Ben and I and couple other friends over for dinner. Richard is from southern Texas, so the meal had a southwestern Mexican flair, and I totally felt at home. How I miss Tex-Mex! The two of them were of course stuck in the kitchen most of the time as they prepared the yummy dinner.


The spread looked amazing, and tasted just as good!


We hung out with Ken and Steve. Steve (middle) just got back from Argentina and it sure made me want to travel again. Be cool to go back to Costa Rica again.

Oh yeah, we also went over to see Kathy Griffin perform live with these gusy! I loved her show on Bravo, and totally love her comedy style. A new fav!


Then we went over to Chris and David's to dine with Steven and Remik. This is the team of guys that host my site and servers.

Ya know how you wake up and things have been going well, and then you realize that you had tons of help from people that don't really have to help you? Well, these guys REALLY REALLY have helped bring you this site, my journal, and any web presence you see. From hosting to excellent advice, these guys are truly responsible for putting on this show. They've been helping out for years, and it's a pretty thankless job, so I want to make sure I say THANK YOU nice and big. I am hoping to work with them for years to come.

I have hit a few other parties, but for the most part I just end up working most evenings. Ben has been trying to give me ideas to go out and do “stuff” so I have interesting journal stuff, but I guess I am in full-on workaholic mode.


We did two parties in one night. Tom, my electrician, had a little get together, and I think I laughed way too much. Tom has got a great wit, and between his cocktails and free-spirit, he had Ben and I rolling. Love guys like that!

We've been doing nutty stuff (got tons of dumb ass photos that are too embarassing to post here. Ben and I are on a mission to be goofy in our photos I guess. I think he forgot we were going to be serious in this one though!


Then it was off to a party that my buddy Mike was throwing for Robbie, who turned 40. It was held in a back alley parking lot, and despite that sounding strange, it was nicely put together with lots of food, tables, tent coverings, and space heaters for those chilly San Diego nights.


They even had glow sticks, but we weren't really sure what to do with them.


Ben's good buddy Drew was there. I have met him on several other occasions, and he "feels" more like an Austin guy rather than a San Diego guy. Hmmm..maybe they are the same. Kind of New Agey. The first time we met he read to me all about my zodiac sign. Not sure how accurate it was, but its always fun to have someone giving you extra attention.


Ho Ho Home
Christmas was much quieter. I didn't go to my parents and basically just worked non-stop on video and photos.

My right eye flared up all red and painful from straring at the screen too long and not blinking. So I had about 10 days of oily drops and constantly rewetting my eye to get back to normal. Think I am over the worst of it, but if I don't watch it, it flames on mighty quick.

Mental note. Blink.

My arm is still pretty bad…though I have some good days now. I have also found that heat is the secret. I have fallen asleep a couple times with a heating pad on, and my arm feels so much better in the morning. But yikes is that dangerous! Twice now I have sweated and woke up with some very superficial burns.

Mental note. Try Medium, not High.

I do like my workstation and have it maximized for arm and eye trouble. Dell came out with a new 30 inch monitor that has pretty high resolution for editing photos. I would need to buy a special mounting arm to turn it to portrait mode since most of my photos are vertical. The initial price is a whopping $2,200 bucks, but Dell tends to drop prices on monitors in hundred dollar increments at various times of the month. You gotta keep an eye on 'em!

I did add a Wacom tablet to my editing routine, and wow, I think that helped a lot. I can't believe I went as long as I did without one! I love having it in my lap and not straining my arm with constant mouse clicks. It definitely speeds up the editing process of photosets, and that's a good thing given how many I am getting online each month.


The Book is a Brewin'!
After years of talking about it, I think it's gonna happen. My buddy Bill has been here all week from Chicago to help kick start the process.

We had one goal, and I worked him to death. In fact right now he has probably been sitting there for 5 hours combing over images, not complaining once that I don't have a Mac for him.

The goal- Find at least 220 perfect images for the book. I had actually gotten a pretty good start in the last year. I had been gathering up two or three of my favorite images from each guy's shoot, and getting them retouched.

But I soon realized that I couldn't do it all, and of course I needed someone else's input on what was good and what needed to hit the cutting room floor. I get crushes on so many of the models that I forget about the whole “marketability” of a model.

On top of that, the images all needed to be re-worked and cleaned up. I actually got through a good chunk of them, but having Bill here freed me up to keep the updates flowing on the site.

So we spent days going through seven years of photos, adding and subtracting, all with the goal of keeping the book to 200 pages. We have another 20 cuts to make, and it's really hard to make them. They're my babies!

Bill is also laying out the book, cover, and coordinating the print and press part.

After that it will be finding the funds to print that big of a book. I've been saving here and there to cover the bulk of it, but it may just come down to me finding some investment capital to do it all myself. I'm generally not very happy with the way my stuff has been printed, so taking full responsibility for the quality is a high priority.

Distributing may be another issue, but I am pretty sure given my relationships with some of the major e-tailers that I can get it on the shelves and online.


Rocket Magazine Cover/Calendar
I also shot a dozen or so men for Rocket magazine (You don't know how hard it is to type Rocket and not Ockert!) This took a lot more time than I had anticipated, as the editors got swamped doing the contests and I had to pretty much coordinate the models.

We had big plans to do “themes” but with them being so busy and me being so busy, I basically just shot the boys in the studio, with an occasional location shoot.

They've already released the January issue, featuring Ty, who won the overall competition to be their Rocket Man for 2006.

The calendar is a free give-away, and will likely be out sometime in January. I will post some pics of it here so it will be in my little online scrapbook.


Movie Marathons
I rented, bought and went to see quite a few movies this month.

I've got a new Video iPod…I'm on my own personal crusade to call it a vPod. I love this thing!

I got the 30 gigger, and really should have gotten the 60 gigger. The battery life being too short on the smaller version. Plus, I had no idea how quickly would fill that up!

I have a fairly extensive DVD collection, and I have been dumping them to my vPod..ok, so that not entirely legal, but hey, I bought the DVD and am just playing it on another device.

I'm lucky because I am one of those people that can watch the same video or movie over and over. So I take about 10 movies dump them to my vPod. Then I go to the gym and watch an hour of each movie on the elliptical. It really passes the time, and with my eye being so iriated, I just can't read a book to pass the time.

I also finally got a California Driver's License. I was the envy of the hundreds of people waiting at the DMV as I sat and watched Star Wars Episode 3.

I saw the new Harry Potter movie and totally enjoyed it. They seem to get better each go round, but I find more stuff gets cut from the books, as well, her books thankfully get longer.

We tried to watch The Brother's Grimm and we turned it off after a half hour. It was probably the worst movie I have seen in years. Pretty, but miserable.

I got Willy Wonka and enjoyed the update to the old movie. I'm not a fan of musicals, so I was happy to see less musical numbers. The cloned oompa loompa was the one thing I didn't like, and their songs were pretty bad. I liked the backstory on Willy Wonka's youth.


My biggest joy has been the discovery of Firefly, an ill-fated tv series by Joss Wedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Never have I seen a cast adapt and take to their roles so quickly. I remember seeing the first episode when it came out and I was like, “Uh..cowboys in space? Forget it” But thanks to the persistence of my friends, they let me borrow the 2 season DVD compendium

The show was cancelled mid second season, and a few of the shows never even aired.


Apparently there was a lot of public moaning about the loss of the show, and they even managed to get a feature length film out this year called Serenity. It was a bit darker than the series, more violent, and well, it was kind of missing the great double cross plot twists the series had, but hey, who am I kidding, I loved it.

Once it again it was brilliantly acted, and the girl who plays River will be a force to watch the next 10 years. Great actress!

Now for some Hot Guys
Here are a few guys that I worked with in the last couple months. I actually have worked with tons, but these are the highlights!


First up is Luis. Ben found him at the mall! Love this guy and I am pretty sure that a headshot of him will be on the cover of the book. A lot of people like my intense face shots I do, so I am beginning to think of it as a signature photo. So I think I will go with a headshot for the cover rather than a body. Might be a mistake as buyer's are more likely to respond to a hot body, but Luis's eyes in the planned photo will suck people in!


This is Austin. He is one of the hottest guys I have shot. There will be a lot of him in the new book as well, but we couldn't find that perfect image that said "cover".


Luke was a Rocket model who came back and did more shots. He has such an intensity about him! Love his photos too.


Finally meet "Law". Another wonderful guy with great intensity. He also did a video, and will be online soon!

The Personal Stuff
Nope I am still single, and no that's no big loss, potential partners around the world are giving a big sigh of relief. I don't think I have had a “date” in half a year?! Yeeks. I need to get out more.

No new dog on the horizon either. I've gotten some very encouraging emails from readers who say I really have a lot to give and there are lots of dogs out there that desperately need a home. Yeah, I know, and one will land on my doorstep soon enough, but not gonna go looking for one.

Now that I have my videos online, I get an occasional request to be in them. Bless your little hearts!

No plans to be in one of my videos, but finding gay guys to work with the straight guys is REALLY a big challenge. You may see my hand or balding head in action someday. Never say never when it comes to hot guys.

Finally one last thing. I need you all to go out and spread the word about the videos. Also. If you are online and you see a hot guy..hell…if you are the mall..tell them that Photographer Bryan Ockert is looking for someone JUST LIKE THEM! I need models!

Myspace.com seems to be a great place to find guys. If you see someone hot, just tell them to check out my site at .


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