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It's not India, but it's still a wet mess here.
It's been a very busy two weeks.

As I said, I closed on the house a little early. I started moving things over from the apartment in piece-meal fashion.

We've had a lot of rain. My mom says she has seen it on news reports. I think over the last couple weeks we have had two relatively dry days.

It's been kind of a pain moving in my pickup, but for the most part I moved my stuff on my own (I did have a couple lil helpers at key moments thank goodness!) so it wasn't a big deal.

My lease at the apartment is good till January 19th, so there was no big hurry moving over so I managed it slowly over the course of the week in the evenings.

I also knew that I wasn't going to have Internet/Cable at the house till January 5th, so I wasn't in a huge hurry to get completely moved.

It's been so soggy though. I feel like I am in Costa Rica again. The lead picture is of an intersection that is notorious for flooding, and is NOT indicative of the state of the entire city of San Diego. Just lots of rain coming over and over, and a few key spots flooding.


I also needed to move a new couch that I “acquired” at a very very VERY cheap price. It involved a drive up to Riverside (almost to LA) and thankfully it was one of the days that we didn't have rain.


The drive is gorgeous!

Riverside is a cool city. I never saw a river, but I DID see a GINORMOUS mountain in Fontana, the city next to Riverside. I grew up in Colorado, so I am used to mountains, but these mountains just jut straight up in the air so steeply that they are really more dramatic.

I think I will stick with San Diego a little longer.


I signed my two-year contract with SeanCody.com, and we also finalized a few more details that we have been trying to iron out for the last couple months.

If you haven't noticed the front page of the site, I am now officially working for SeanCody.com, one of my all time favorite “Adult” sites.

I am shooting photos and some video for them. It's VERY strange to be a big fan of the site, and then suddenly finding myself photographing in their studios. It was nothing I pursued, it just happened, and I wonder how many guys would give their left nut to just come and be on the set for a day.

One the things we had been working on were the Rights to use the images that I had been shooting for them.


SeanCody.com has a lot of hot guys, and many start off being photographed only. My job is to take these photos and make them feel comfortable. Some later go on to do video, others don't. I can use the images where the guy's video has posted on SeanCody.com, that way I don't scoop their premiere of the model. If a guy comes in for photos and doesn't do video, then after five months, I can put them on my site.


Some photo sets are not very elaborate, while others are quite creative. Not all the guys that do video have photoshoots, but most do.

I am hoping to let the world know that I have these great exclusive shots, and have been pleading with fans of my site to help start a grass roots campaign to let the SeanCody.com fans know that they can get some cool extra stuff here.

I've been taking some really great pictures, and we've found some great locations. It's killing me to wait to show off these great photos, but I guess we've all got to wait.

So that's what I have been doing. Now ya know!

Update on the Austin House:
Bill and David haven't had any luck finding another roommate for the house. Between the two mortgages, I can't possibly float it. I am guessing that I will need to get the house on the market asap…possibly in February. I hope it sells quickly or I will be in a LOT of trouble…everything is precarious right now as it is…well, I guess it always is, but things could go catastrophically bad.

My roommate Bill is packing everything up for me. I don't have a lot of vacation time at the new job. Flying out there is also expensive, and I would have to rent a car while there. Finally, I just can't bring myself to cross the desert again and do that two-day drive so soon after just completing it.

My buddy JBB is going to drive it out for a small fee. All my Bill's are coming through for me!

JBB is driving it on the 20th and I can't wait to get my kitchen stuff (even though I don't cook..much) and other things that I have been missing.

JBB will stay a couple days after, and take a much deserved mini-vacation.

As for this house, I have been hitting Lowe's and Ikea practically everyday.


My bedroom is pretty small. It's only 12'x12'. My dresser and other stuff in my old bedroom won't fit. I got a much smaller dresser and that is the only new addition in here. Over the bed is a big 'ole skylight.


I thought I would hate it, but I always get up before sunrise so no bright lights in my eyes. The sound of the rain hitting it every night and morning has been very relaxing. I find it hard to fret about a double mortgage when the pit pat of the rain lulls me into a false sense of fiscal stability.


My office is in the bedroom next the master bedroom. I added a work table from Ikea, so I FINALLY have a place for my photo printers. I still need to get some file cabinets, but otherwise I am good to go.

One of the other bedrooms will be my studio. It's very small and I don't know if I can get the lights far enough from the model to be useful. If not, I will definitely need to finish the garage off so I can have more space.

Now, for the living room.

324-04tn.jpg It's time for some retro action! Remember my first house? I went crazy with cobalt blue, green and orange? Well, it's back!

This green is a Nickelodeon color called Atomic Vomit. Hehe…

I know most people don't like my colors, but I love bright cheery colors in a stark atmosphere.

These wrap around photos make the room seem small, but it is kind of long, open, and airy. I got these shelves from Ikea and they were very inexpensive. I will put my photobook collection on them when they arrive. Below is a more direct photo.


The fridge, washer and dryer all arrived on time, and I finally feel like I have a home again. Best Buy and Circuit City now own the second mortgage on my house. Yeesh!

Now all I have to do is just tie up the lose ends in Austin, and I can move forward here with a clear mind.

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